Arrival in Halifax and our time in Nova Scotia

On our first day in Canada we collect our vehicle in the harbour terminal of Halifax. Everything is OK, no damage, no problems. Before getting started we fill diesel and propane. And of course we need some time to arrange everything inside and outside the vehicle. That's why we stay for two days in a nice provincial park at Porter's Lake.

To see some pictures about the first days click the link to the German report. Ankunft in Halifax und die ersten Tage

Then we drive along the Lighthouse Route, where we visit Peggy's Cove, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg (UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as West Berlin and East Berlin. The coastline is very nice, people are friendly, but a lot of private properties makes it difficult to find a spot for overnight stay.

Digby Neck where we go next is said to be worth a visit, but we do not agree with that. So we leave the next morning and go straight on to Blomidon Provincial Park. It is situated on the rugged headland of Cape Blomidon and overlooks Minas Basin which has one of the world's greatest rise and fall of tides.

Back to the south of Nova Scotia, we follow the Marine Drive east.

To see some pictures about Nova Scotia click the link to the German report. Nova Scotia

Near Canso we find some wonderful camp spots where we stay for a couple of days. We even take a swim in the North Atlantic Ocean. Our next destination is Cape Breton Island. The national park is worth a visit. We do some short hikes, for longer ones the temperature is much too high (more than 30 degrees Celsius = more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Outside the national park we find some good spots for camping near Bay St. Lawrence.

We follow the Cabot Trail along the Eastern shores of Cape Breton Island. In our opinion this section of the trail is at least as interesting as the Western part.

Upon arrival in North Sydney harbour where we want to take a ferry boat to Newfoundland there is chaos. One boat is out of operation and nobody can guarantee an exact date for departure. So we cancel our plans and decide to go to Gaspé peninsula next.




Reiseberichte Südamerika


Parque Nacional

Los Glaciares

05. November 2017


Nach so viel Pampa ist die fantastische Bergwelt im Los Glaciares Nationalpark ein absolutes Kontrastprogramm.


Reiseberichte Südamerika


Südliches Patagonien

27. Oktober 2017


 Wir machen einen Abstecher zu versteinerten Bäumen, fahren ein Stück weiter Richtung Süden, bevor wir dann die Küstenregion verlassen und uns auf den Weg in die Anden machen.



Reiseberichte Südamerika


Faszinierende Tierwelt an den Küsten Patagoniens

16. September 2017


Die Landschaft Patagoniens ist oft öde, aber entlang der Atlantikküste gibt es eine vielfältige und faszinierende Tierwelt zu beobachten.



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